ISBA is conducting a second industry-wide consultation over 4 weeks, to seek feedback from advertisers on the specific elements of contribution for the Core Reporting service of the Origin platform.

For this next phase of consultation, ISBA is seeking to gain clarity on:

  • How much are the contributions and when should they start?
  • How should the contribution be collected?
  • Should the contribution be capped for advertisers?

The first consultation confirmed that advertisers support the proposal of part-funding Origin via a fractional contribution on the media activity that is measured by Origin. ISBA answered all questions and concerns raised during the consultation and the weight of positive feedback confirmed that further work on the proposals around levy contributions should continue.

The proposed contribution is to cover the cost for advertisers to receive a basic level ‘core’ report and has been based on a contribution of 0.1% of gross media spends (for channels that are measured by Origin only). This charge is felt to reflect both the value of the data and the costs of data provision.

Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA commented: “I appreciate the comments made during the first consultation process and really pleased with the significant support shown by numerous organisations in our industry.

“We look forward to receiving feedback from our second consultation, which will allow us to move forward with the proposals to fund the Core Reporting service. At launch, the service will focus on cross-media reach and frequency, but this will soon be joined by an Advanced Reporting capability which will provide a full cross-media measurement service.”

The closing date for the consultation will be Friday 10th February 2023 and the full consultation document can be viewed here.