Samsung Ads, the advertising division of Samsung Electronics, today announces it has joined Origin, the UK cross media measurement programme, as its founding Connected TV member.

Origin is ISBA’s advertiser-backed programme, designed to create a blueprint for cross media measurement. It is part of a global initiative to capture the value of advertising in a constantly changing consumer environment.

Samsung Ads has joined Origin to help find trusted solutions for advertisers to plan and measure their marketing across media, including the growing connected TV sector.

Alex Hole, vice president and general manager, Samsung Electronics Europe, said: “At Samsung Ads, we believe that the future of advertising hinges on measurement & transparency,  and that’s why we are pleased to join Origin as a founding member for CTV. The landscape has witnessed tremendous evolution – the CTV market has earned an average annual growth of 40% since 2017.  But measurement stands out as the cornerstone of the advertising industry’s future, and we are open to exploring all avenues and partnerships, like this one with ISBA. We acknowledge the diversity of perspectives in the industry, and we are eager to contribute to a solution. This is not just a challenge; it’s a remarkable opportunity, and we are very optimistic about the positive impact we can collectively achieve.”

Connected TV advertising spend is forecast to almost double over five years, reaching £2.31bn in 2026, up from £1.17bn in 2021. According to the IAB UK, this is in large part due to increased advertiser confidence and the diversity of advertisers embracing CTV. However, the industry body also acknowledges that the key issues of fragmentation, standardisation and measurement must all be addressed before the market can fully mature.

Origin is designed by the industry itself to capture the value of advertising across media in a constantly changing consumer environment, aligned with the WFA principles. It has convened all parts of the industry in an unprecedented collaboration to drive this work.

Tom George, CEO, Origin added: “We are thrilled to welcome Samsung Ads to ISBA’s Origin, a pivotal initiative aimed at addressing the crucial challenges advertisers face in navigating the complex landscape of digital and broadcast platforms. Samsung Ads’ participation underscores their commitment to fostering a standardised and comprehensive approach to video and display measurement, filling a critical void in the industry. With Origin, we are forging a path towards unified global campaign measurement, across many sectors of the industry. Together – especially so with partners like Samsung Ads – we are empowering advertisers to truly understand and plan their campaigns with a holistic view, ensuring accurate insights into the true coverage of their efforts across the evolving media landscape.”