Origin, the advertiser led cross media measurement initiative welcomes the release by the MRC of new global standards for impression data collection.

These new standards establish base requirements and definitions for cross media measurement, including those necessary for filtration, auditing and verification.

These definitions, covering TV, online-video and display, for the first time take a collective global cross media standpoint and have been extensively scrutinised by the Project Origin stakeholder group within the UK as part of the MRC validation work.

Origin plans to align with these new global standards, which include the requirement for the collection and reporting of second level granularity for video, as well as quartiles, completes and viewability, ensuring Origin is underpinned by the highest data collection and reporting standards in the UK.

Joe Lewis, Research Lead of Origin, highlights the critical importance for advertisers in these new standards:

“This is a major milestone for global standards and bringing all participants in the media ecosystem to a common place for unified measurement, a critical requirement for advertisers. ISBA know that as an industry we need to raise the bar in how ads are measured, which includes understanding just how much of an ad was actually seen, and the context around it, and that is why we have worked with the MRC on this project. ISBA want to continue this progress, and that means more alignment with standards bodies, globally and locally, including how additional media can be incorporated, there is more for us to do. We look forward to further publishers and measurement partners and services engaging and adopting these new standards.”