Origin, the ISBA led cross media measurement initiative is inviting measurement vendors to respond to a request for proposal to establish an advanced UK single source panel. This panel will be the core component of the Origin service, independently measuring audiences across all forms of television and digital.

The single source panel will act as the ‘source of truth’ within the Origin service, measuring the cross publisher, platform and media exposure of different audiences, as well as validating and correcting 1st party data from publishers and platforms.

Joe Lewis, Research Lead for Origin highlighted the importance of this step. “The UK has a great tradition and backbone in high quality rigorous research which underpins our media measurement ecosystem, Origin is no different. Today we can announce an important milestone in the Origin programme with the intention to establish a comprehensive single source panel, that is in keeping with the traditions and values that we hold important in the UK. This panel, specified and agreed from across the industry, including advertisers, agencies to media owners and platforms will for the first time offer that true cross media exposure data that is so critical to the industry. We welcome active engagement from measurement vendors in how we might achieve this goal together.”