Origin, the ISBA-led cross media measurement initiative is inviting measurement vendors to respond to a request for proposal to become the Virtual ID operator within the Origin service. This role will be central in the service, designing and maintaining independent and trusted estimates of deduplication of media exposures.

Following the successful proof of concept of this approach, Origin is now seeking an independent third party to create and maintain active models for the future service. These models, which will draw upon real observed data from the Kantar single source panel, will be used to estimate combined and deduplicated coverage and frequency across media, formats and demographics.

Ben Sampson, Data Science Lead for Origin highlighted the importance of this step: “We’ve spent the last 18 months proving the virtual ID model can work, a vital step for us moving forwards. Now that we are happy that this approach works, successfully accounting for variations and correlations in media exposures, we’re now ready to build real models for the future service. It is vital this is done independently and we’re looking for expert vendors from which to work with. We welcome active engagement from measurement vendors in how we might achieve this goal together.”